I have had the pleasure to work first hand with Joani Hardy.  The house I
was working on was a Stage 4 and I knew I needed help to finish it.  It
was suggested that I give local professional organizer Joani Hardy a call
and I'm glad that I did.  Because Joani was involved, we were able to
make a significant dent in the full home.  Joani truly understands
hoarding and knows how to work with a hoarder to not only clean, but to
help them understand this disorder.   If you are a hoarder or know
someone that is, I encourage you to work with Joani Hardy.  She will
work side by side with you to gain trust, clean your home and teach the
skills to keep a home clean for years to come.

Matt Paxton
Cleaning Expert on A&E's Hoarders
August, 2010



Our home was a very fine home for many years. My life changed in recent
years with sadness, depression and despair overtaking my experience.
To escape my despair I acquired things that gave me momentary relief
from sorrow. I bought things that reminded me of happier times and
places. I was oblivious as our house became overloaded with “stuff“.
Rooms and hallways filled up with the acquisitions that were supposed to
bring me peace and solace. Our house became unlivable for my husband
and me.

Then came the realization that the hoarded house environment was
above and beyond my ability to resolve. All of my attempts failed to
improve an impossible situation. A vicious cycle began which  brought me  
deeper into despair. I could not find a  solution no matter how hard I
tried. I was overwhelmed at the thought of allowing anyone to enter our
home. I feared being harshly judged and demeaned.

After years of hopelessness there was finally hopefulness. The
“Hoarders” TV show offered their help. They recruited Joani Hardy to be
the on site Professional Organizer for this project in Rochester. The team
accomplished unbelievable results in the days they cleared our home.
After the show’s work ended there still remained many overwhelming
projects to complete. As my Aftercare Specialist, Joani Hardy supported
me for the remaining challenges that required mammoth effort and new

We progressed together. Joani consistently  praised, encouraged, and
nurtured me to help me attain my goals. Throughout several productive
months together we applied the techniques and implemented the
excellent resources she introduced to me. Joani knew all the local  
resources for sharing, donating and consignment sale. She investigated
new ways to involve worthy organizations that could benefit from my
various donations to enhance their charitable programs.

Using her superb organizational skills Joani showed me how to replace
cluttered chaos with order. She was consistently non-judgmental,
understanding, patient, caring, and positive. With exuberant energy she
taught me new ways of thinking and working.  I will be using this
knowledge for the rest of my life. We experienced a joyous outcome
alleviating negative influences.

If you are searching for a person with complete integrity and
extraordinary skills for resolving your small, medium, or large
organizational challenges  I wish for you an outstanding experience with
a multi-skilled miracle worker. I wish for you the joy of working with Joani

December, 2010


It is my pleasure to write a letter commending Joani Hardy for her work
supporting my business as a reading Tutor and Trainer.  Because my
work is so varied I had difficulty keeping my records and materials
organized and available.  Joani's interviewing skills enabled her to
visualize the goals I have for my business and to translate that into a
workable system of organization.

After spending about 15 hours with Joani, I have a new appreciation for
the benefits of organizational work.  Because I didn't value organization
in the past I spent a great deal of time searching for items or creating
them for a second or third time.  The purging process allowed me to know
what I do have and new systems allow me to find it easily when I need
to use it.  The work that began in my office has had profound beneficial
effects on my life because time is such a valuable commodity.  I've
learned how to work and live calmly and almost effortlessly.  It was an
entirely positive investment of my time and money.

Organization works!




My husband and I enjoyed your two sessions at the Fairport Public

After the first, I attacked the junk drawer: most helpful to me was your
admonition that things do have expiration dates, the suggestion of
drawer partitions in "found" objects (a sturdy decorative Lands End box
did the trick), and the advice to sort everything before going off to put
things in other places. My junk drawer and the counter above it are much
more functional now! After the second session, we bought a simple,
inexpensive vertical sorter the next day and have begun conquering our
mail! We needed those helpful nudges - thank you!



It is with the upmost enthusiasm and gratitude that I want to thank and
recommend Joani Hardy for sharing her wisdom and organizational
expertise with me. Over the years, I have experienced periods of time
when I could have dedicate my efforts to tackling the clutter that quickly
and over time takes overwhelming control of one’s life and especially the
house. Yet, it was Joani who worked with me to develop an action plan
and sort through, purge, donate, box and finally get rid of the “stuff “
cluttering my physical living space.
I still have a ways to go and will be calling on Joani to once again help
finish the process that we started as time permits. I highly recommend
her to anyone who needs an upbeat, hard working and caring
Professional Organizer and Clutter Coach. She is OUTSTANDING!

Claire Perlman, Human Resources Professional